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Reasons why and Benefits of a House Survey Engineer Report There are a few reasons why you should get a house survey before buying a property To know in advance what the problems i.e. roof damage or chimney repair. You will be able to negotiate a better price, use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the house. so that you won't have to pay to repair some of the problems, e.g. roof repairs, chimney rebuild, and you will know approximately what these problems will cost you to fix. Receive specialist advice from a dedicated house survey...

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Pre-Purchase Report, Building Engineers Report, Structural Survey Tipperary Nationwide Engineers Survey, Pre Purchase Report, Building Engineers Report and House Survey’s in all area’s in Tipperary. We offer a full range of house and building certification services in Ireland A Mortgage Valuation Report: A building engineer will visit the property and carry out a inspection to ensure that the property is in a reasonable condition, and worth the purchasing price. This is the usually the cheapest type of survey, and it will not highlight any defects which aren’t immediately obvious. Property Survey: This is a second tier survey which is more...

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House and Building Surveyors With one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, don't take risks. You have found your dream house and while the house you have selected may seem ideal, how can you be sure there are not serious issues which may make your dream home a house of horror and costly one. Avoid surprises, learn as much as you can about the property by having a house survey carried out by a engineer who specialists in property surveys before you buy. Registration is now a legal requirement. A Building Engineer is specifically trained and qualified to carry...

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Full List of Building Reports... Structural Survey / House Survey / Engineers Reports / Pre-Purchase Survey. Insurance Claims: Inspection & Report. Photographic Survey and Report. Schedule of dilapidations. Certificates of compliance with Building Regulations. Certificate of Building Exemption. Building Regulation Compliance: Inspection & Reporting. Building Snag Listing. Mapping & Boundary Inspections.