Pre-Purchase survey - engineers report

Pre Purchase House Survey Reports

Pre Purchase Building and Property Survey Reports

Prior to the purchase of a property, clients will be advised by their solicitor or by their Bank to have a pre – purchase House or Apartment survey completed.

We conduct surveys and prepare written reports on all type properties.
We are fully insured with professional indemnity insurance.
Survey reports can affect the asking price of a property if a large volume of remedial/repair work needs to be done.
We conduct regular inspections and surveys nationwide.
We will normally turn reports around within two to three working days of the survey.
A pre – purchase house survey report which we prepare will vary in length depending on the size of the property, but will include photographs to emphasise key points or issues of interest or concern.

Pre Purchase Survey, Structural Reports

Fire Safety and Structural Survey

O Callaghan Fireplaces, here in Cork contacted us to carry out a fire safety and Structural survey on this property as requested as requested by the client prior to upgrade work being carried out.
Having a fire safety survey carried out on your property before work being carried out could safe you several thousand euros in un-necessary work or re-doing work.
It will also give you the information you need to make your building fire safety compliant.

fire safety and Structural survey Pre Purchase Survey, Structural Reports