Pre-Purchase survey - engineers report

Pre Purchase Survey Kerry

Pre-Purchase Report | Building Engineers Report | Structural Survey Kerry Nationwide Engineers Survey, Pre-Purchase Report, Building Engineers Report and House Survey’s in all area’s in Kerry. We offer a full range of house and building certification services in Ireland A Mortgage Valuation Report: A building engineer will visit the property and carry out a inspection to ensure that the property is in a reasonable condition, and worth the purchasing price. This is the usually the cheapest type of survey, and it will not highlight any defects which aren’t immediately obvious. Property Survey: This is a second tier survey which is...

Before Upgrade Work - Fire safety survey

Fire safety Survey Before Upgrade Work

Fire safety survey prior to upgrade work being carried out. Having a fire safety survey carried out on your property prior to work being carried out will safe you several thousand euros in un-necessary work or re-doing work. Ultimately saving both times and money. Fire safety survey prior to upgrade work See more safety survey information

Purchase Survey, Structural Reports Boundary Check | Fire Safety Surveys Cork

Solicitor Recommended Survey

Nationwide Pre Purchase Survey, Structural Reports Boundary Check and Fire Safety Surveys. Pre-Purchase survey, with structural report and boundary check as recommended by client’s solicitor prior to signing contract. It is always recommended that you have a registered engineer carry out a survey, this will highlight any issues that are present. View Our Most Recent Surveys on Google drive

Pre-Purchase Survey Domestic Report

House Survey

House and Building Surveyors With one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, don't take risks. You have found your dream house and while the house you have selected may seem ideal, how can you be sure there are not serious issues which may make your dream home a house of horror and costly one. Avoid surprises, learn as much as you can about the property by having a house survey carried out by a engineer who specialists in property surveys before you buy. Registration is now a legal requirement. A Building Engineer is specifically trained and qualified to carry...

Property Engineering Services Cork

Property Snag Lists

Building and Property Snag List A snag list is a list of construction and finishing details that require attention in order for works to be accepted as complete. Prior to accepting any building as finished or complete, it is recommended that the works are snagged. We undertake detailed snag lists as requested by clients. We detail all unfinished works on a room by room basis. The list also includes external works that may be required as requested. Property Buyers Surveys & Pre purchase survey reports include: Subsidence | Settlement of Property Wall and floor cracking or bulging Dampness checks Water damage and control...