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Pre-Purchase Survey

Welcome on our site. Read details of Engineers Survey, Pre-Purchase Report and Building Engineers Report in all area’s of Youghal.

Pre – Purchase House Survey Engineers Report

Prior to the purchase of a property, clients will be advised by their solicitor or by their Bank to have a pre – purchase House or Apartment survey completed.

We conduct surveys and prepare written reports on all type properties.
We are fully insured with professional indemnity insurance.
Survey reports can and will affect the asking price of a property, if a large volume of remedial/repair work needs to be done.
We conduct regular inspections and surveys nationwide.
We will normally turn reports over within two to three working days of the survey.
A pre – purchase house survey report which we prepare will vary in length depending on the size of the property, but will include photographs to emphasis key points or issues of interest or concern.

Include in our checks are the following

  • exterior of the building
  • grounds and boundaries
  • roof space
  • roof exterior
  • water tank & pipes
  • fire safety
  • utility services, electricity installation, water valve location
  • structure & subsidence
  • damp & mould detection
  • timber defects i.e. wood worm etc
  • radon barrier deteration
  • fireplaces & chimneys
  • flashings, gutters, downpipes inspected
  • cost ranges of items requiring attention

From checking drawings to looking through your house Nationwide Pre-Purchase surveys will be there.

All of the following are part of our pre-purchase inspections:

  • Structure reports – Full Interior and Exterior Building Survey
  • Evidence of non-usual Settlement, and Subsidence
  • Water Penetration & Damp Issues
  • Moisture Meter Readings
  • Condensation and Mould
  • Property Air Supply Venting
  • Potential Pyrite
  • Evident Roof Issues
  • Soffit / Fascia, Gutters, Exterior Piping
  • Chimneys
  • Evidence of Woodworm and Timber Rot
  • Windows and Doors / evident condition / seal issues
  • Property Services – Electrics, Plumbing and Heating, and Drainage
  • Evident Boundary Issues
  • Evident Alterations requiring Certification
  • Safety Issues
  • Asbestos and other Deleterious Material
  • Essential Maintenance Requirements

Reports and Surveys:

  • Roof leaks
  • Leaks from balconies over living space
  • Condensation issues
  • Air Venting and Extraction Issues
  • Excessive cracking due to inadequate expansion jointing and other issues
  • Evidence of Pyrite
  • Communal Space Issues
  • Problems with Fire Safety Systems
  • Building Regulation Breaches regarding provision for Escape
  • Missing and non-functioning Fire Doors
  • Dysfunctional or Non-Functioning Building Management causing lack of Maintenance
Pre Purchase Survey on Older House

Engineers Survey Cork

Nationwide Engineers Pre-Purchase Engineers Survey

Engineers Survey Cork, Pre-Purchase Survey, Building Engineers Report and Mortgage Report. A building surveyor will visit the property

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House Survey Reports. Prior to the purchase of a property, clients will be advised by their solicitor or by their Bank to have a pre – purchase report

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Property Survey Engineers Waterford

Nationwide Property Survey Engineers Waterford Pre-Purchase Report | Property Engineers Report Waterford | Structural Survey Waterford

Engineers Survey, Building Engineers Report and House Survey’s in all area’s in Waterford.

We offer a full range of house and building certification services in Ireland

A Mortgage Valuation Report:

A building engineer will visit the property and carry out a inspection to ensure that the property is in a reasonable condition, and worth the purchasing price. This is the usually the cheapest type of survey, and it will not highlight any defects which aren’t immediately obvious.

Property Survey:

This is a second tier survey which is more in-depth than a Mortgage Valuation Report. When an engineering consultant is engaged to carry out a Property survey, they will make an overall assessment of the condition of the property.

They will also report any problems which may require urgent attention or repairs.
After completion you will receive a comprehensive report which includes an approximate calculation of the rebuilding costs of the property. This report highlight’s immediate problems which have been found which would affect the value of the property in the future.

Structural Survey Waterford:

A structural survey is a comprehensive building surveys. Nationwide structural engineers will carry out a detailed structural survey of the property. With the structural inspection, they will look at all aspects of the building structure from the materials used, the condition of the roof, the state of the foundations and the integrity of the walls.
Nationwide’s structural engineers will actively search out potential problems and building defects. Once the survey has been completed, you’ll receive a structural report which will identify any problems found.

A structural survey should be done if you think.

The building needs structural work and is in run-down state or uninhabited

The property is thatched or timber framed or unusual construction

Building is more than three stories in height

The dwelling is over 50 years old

You will be carrying out alterations, converting, adding or extension to the property

We provide the following services.

Snag Lists

A snag list is a list of construction and finishing details that require finishing in order for works to be accepted as complete. Prior to accepting any building as finished or complete, it is recommended that the works are snagged.

We undertake detailed snag lists as requested. All unfinished works on a room by room basis. The list also includes external works that may be required.

Pre-Purchase Survey Waterford and Engineers Reports

Building Fire Safety Survey | House Surveys and Engineers Reports

Building Control Regulations Certification and Fire Engineering Services in Waterford

4 Reasons to get a House Survey

Reasons to get a House Survey Nationwide house surveyor pre purchase benefits

  1. You will know in advance what the problems are
  2. You can use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the house so that you won’t have to pay to repair some of the problems, eg. roof replacement, and know approximately what these problems will cost
  3. You can get specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the house over time, and its re-sale value.
  4. You can prevent the problem arising in the event of a re-sale, re-mortgage or property transfer in the future.
  5. With the pre purchase inspection cost and property purchase the savings are massive. You could save 20 – 50 percent of the price